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When you encounter unkown words...

Regular service has not been supplied yet, but trial use for technical estimation is partly available.
Documents such as the Usage Agreements and the business model including fee tables are samples.
Only the Email service for Personal class is available now.

  • Junk emails in my mailbox surely reduced... But are necessary emails surely delivered?
  • I found old emails from my customers in the folders for junk emails...
  • I received a lot of emails from unknown `girls'... Honestly speaking, I may have an idea about this sort of matters... But...?
  • After I submitted an article to a mailing list, a flood of junk emails began to strike my mailbox...

[Then, try MwGhennn-Style-Email!]


MwGhennn-Style-Email is a new email service powered by anti-junk-email techonology (Japan Patent Number 5041554, United States Patent Number 8,549,082 B2, International Patent Application PCT/JP2007/059272) based on the white-list method with powerful, reliable and well-defined mechanisms.
Click the above banner for the detail!

(We are now preparing for the start of service.)